I’ve always loved taking pictures, something that didn’t happen on purpose. My dad used to be a photographer, and it’s not a stretch to say that as a kid we had cameras strewn about the house, especially when the handheld digital bad boys became big. My brother and I were encouraged to take photos, and my friends hated when I insisted on documenting our every fifth grade adventure. But, I told them, you’ll be glad you have the photos later. I’m always right about these things.

I took a class in high school for a couple years, and learning the ins and outs of the darkroom solidified my love of digital photography. People argue that film photography requires more raw talent, and yes, it can take more time, but just because everyone has a little camera in their pocket nowadays doesn’t mean they have the eye for a good shot. For my sweet sixteen, I was gifted a Nikon D40X, which is what I still use today (along with my iPhone sometimes, let’s be honest), even though it’s outdated by about 20 megapixels.

While portraits are my favorite kinds of photos to take, my portfolio includes landscape shots and a smattering of street and situational photography.


Whatd'ya think?

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