Lazy Attempt at a Catch-Up

all white bed

Do people even blog anymore? Or am I the only one who’s been MIA?

Making: a living…kind of…sort of?

Cooking: mac & cheese in the microwave if you can call that cooking

Drinking: water and wishing it was pink lemonade

Reading: nothing at the moment; I’m in a lull

WatchingBridget Jones double-feature marathon, I’m thinking

Looking: out the window at the foot of my bed, as the wintry mix keeps changing

Playing: fetch with the pup when he forces his tennis ball of slobber on me

Wasting: my one free day in bed

Wishing: I had more free days/free time

Enjoying: the few moments of quiet I have in between three jobs

Waiting: for the Potomac to melt so we can get on the water!

Wondering: if we have anything resembling dessert I can stuff my face with later

Liking: my current nail color (dark, like my heart)

Loving: the whole Fifty Shades soundtrack – only redeeming quality of the movie

Hoping: tomorrow’s Firefly Festival ticket sales are smoother than the last time

Marveling: at this winter’s capability to prolong itself

Needing: some sand and some sun

Smelling: my new favorite Eucalyptus Tea hand cream, which reminds me of Australia

Wearing: sweatpants, tee, fuzzy socks, my nap blanket

Following: @kristin_ess on Instagram, and wishing she could hack my locks into a bob

Noticing: all the things I can’t afford to buy, but wish I could (i.e. all the spring & workout clothes ever)

Knowing: I should’ve gone to spin class this morning

Thinking: someone cool should do a cover of Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds,” stat

Bookmarking: potential birthday wish-list ideas for my mama (shameless)

Opening: my Trivia Crack app repeatedly to see if it’s my turn yet

Giggling: at back-stock videos of Ellen and Jimmy Fallon

Feeling: overwhelmed, but happily busy, too

[post-publish edit: Happy 100th post to me!]


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