Long Lost Paris Photos

My mom and I went to Paris last winter for New Year’s. Our trip consisted of two main things: 1) walking and 2) me getting sick. However, in ~10 days we were still able to see a lot of the city, despite my time spent in bed, and eight months later (that’s a normal amount of time, right?) I have finally gone through and edited a fraction of the 962 enough of the photos to put in a post. I’m not going to detail what we did or what we saw, most of that is self-explanatory based on the pictures, but I will do you the honor of throwing them on the page semi-haphazardly in quasi-chronological order. Be warned, there are going to be way too many photos here for a single blog post, but I’m over it.

entrancegrassparis1momparis2notre-dame2metroice-skating1macaronsangelinaperfumepeek-aroundst-artst-art2sacre-coeur4sacre-coeur6sacre-coeur8sacre-coeur7sacre-coeur2sacre-coeur3sunsetstreetfruitsjardin-de-luxembourgjardin-de-luxembourg2alleyseinecafesainte-chapellelocksnotre-damelouvre334crepeseiffel-tower39arc-de-triomphe3eiffel-tower2eiffel-towerarc de triomphe6palaisgarnier2palaisgarnierpalaisgarnier4paris3etoile-park-hotelcelebratemounlinrouge2moulinrouge1



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