Links to Love

links to love inspiration board2

On my way to creating an inspiration board, I’ve started a collection of photos on Pinterest that I want to print out. Apparently I’m most inspired by color lately – must be springtime! [1, 2, & 3]

Grace Ciao, a fashion design student in Singapore, “sketches” her designs using flowers as the fabric/inspiration/material. The dresses start to take on the features of the flowers. My favorites are the first two and the rose collection.

After seeing these photos I want a pit bull.

Mother’s Day-appropriate and all-too-endearing mugs

I’m starting to think I need this bucket purse (in mocha) in my life.

Angelina Jolie is flawless, you guys. Flawless. 

Sia’s video for “Chandelier” is finally out. It’s awesome, it’s edgy, and the 12-year-old dancer who plays a young Sia is incredible. The first time I saw it I was literally mesmerized. I couldn’t stop watching. The accompanying article explains a little more about Sia’s creative process (she’s so fascinating and hip and mysterious and cool).

This Paris diary from a blog I follow is everything.

In the latest Tech Crunch vid, this Harvard-ette discusses how she makes makeup with a 3D printer. Genuis.

The Music Fan’s Manifesto c/o Esquire

Thanks to my homegirl Sammy, I’ve got a groovy jam for today’s backing up of the azz



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