Taking Stock

may flowers collage

Making: business cards for myself

Cooking: a gruyere & tomato omelette, strawberries on the side

Drinking: water & it’s making me pee too often

Reading: Killer Blondes by Laura Levine, a new one from my recently replenished chick lit collection c/o Dani’s Duds

Watching: white, fluffy clouds float across my skylight 

Looking: at old photos and experiencing all kinds of nostalgia

Playing: this Spotify playlist

Wasting: time writing this post when I should be sending more job emails

Wishing: I had the guts to chop off all my hair Miley-style

Enjoying: lazing in bed to celebrate the start of my weekend

Waiting: impatiently for the next dog adoption event tomorrow

Wondering: if I can get away with stealing one of the pups

Liking: that at least for now I don’t have to worry about getting swept away by a rainwater river in the street

Loving: how comfortable Brooklyn & Manhattan are starting to feel

Hoping: I will magically start making friends soon

Marveling: at how much talent some people have

Needing: a jobbbbbb

Smelling: dog breath because Godis just stuck his snout in my face to say good morning

Wearing: ratty shorts and an oversized tee aka the yardstick against which I measure my most comfortable pjs

Following: a stylish new blog I found yesterday

Noticing: how much dusting I should do around the apartment

Knowing: I’m definitely not going to do any of it

Thinking: about how much I wish I had some spending money to buy a few new spring dresses

Bookmarking: WordPress themes for the Dani’s Duds website I need to start designing

Opening: a package of yogurt-covered peanuts to tide me over until I haul myself up to finally make breakfast (brunch at this point)

Giggling: at the endless supply of Lorelai Gilmore humor I can unsuccessfully try to recreate for the rest of my life

Feeling: content and hungry (for breakfast & for life)

#backingitup w/ Miss Whit as per usual


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