10 Worst Feelings in the World

It’s time to hit the 10 Best Feelings in the World upside the head with the 10 Worst…because lists are fun and fun is necessary.

10.  Nicking your nail polish right after applying a perfect manicure
This. Kills. Me. I usually do my nails right before bed (I’ve got sleeping like a mummy with my hands out flat down to a science), and this means I have to delay bedtime in order to remove and repolish that one ruined nail.

9. Having to walk the dog when it’s late at night and either snowing or raining outside
If it weren’t for my mom’s withering stare, I’d risk nighttime accidents to avoid this task.

8. When your computer/phone is painfully slow at the exact moment you’re in a hurry and need it to work at lightning speed
I have issues with my technology (do I blame Apple or just my devices’ ages?) and it physically pains me in the pit of my stomach when I attempt simply to type something in the Google search bar and my browser decides that’s too much effort and flips out on me.

7. Waking up to an alarm clock
My body usually has this eerie ability to wake up mere minutes before my alarm goes off, no matter how inconsistent my wake-up time is, but when I do sleep until the alarm sounds, it’s like my whole body jolts awake and then stiffens in defiance and it’s an hour before my heart rate returns to normal. [Side note, if anybody’s ringtone is the same sound I use for my alarm I don’t react well.]

6. When you catch up on all your TV shows and you actually have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode
The suspense!

5. Getting all snuggly and drowsy in bed and realizing you still need to take off your makeup
A lot of people would forego the makeup removal, but I have this thing about washing my face before bed (Thanks, Mom.), so I cannot give in to sleep unless I’m squeaky clean. And since I usually come down at night by watching Netflix under the feathers of my comforter, this makes for a lot of interrupted snuggle time.

4. The moment right after you buy a plane ticket for vacation
Because now you have to wait.

3. December 26th
See #4… 364 days left!

2. Sleeping if it’s Being too hot
Ask anyone, if I’m out of my temperature comfort zone (pretty much if it’s above 70 degrees), then I am too hot, too cranky, too sweaty, too prone to headaches, too sticky, too blech. Unless I’m laying on a beach, I’m not a fan of heat.

1. Wearing your last clean pair of underwear and knowing you have to do laundry that night
And that’s after hand washing my underthings and already having put off laundry for too long. Anything remotely related to laundry, folding it, waiting for it, thinking about it, I hate it. Wow do I hate it.


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