20 Things to Start Doing for Myself

20 things collage

  1. 30 minutes of physical activity every day (with at least 3x/week at high exertion)
  2. Learn a word a day (big fan of Merriam-Webster’s word-a-day email list)
  3. Stop looking at electronics last thing before I go to sleep (i.e. read more books)
  4. Floss once a week, I’m thinking Sunday nights (go ahead and scoff, but I bet my dentist would say that once a week to start is better than my previous track record of never)
  5. Start using an anti-wrinkle cream (I read that women are supposed to start using this at like age 20, so I’m already behind)
  6. Make an inspiration board
  7. Eat fresh (and maybe even try new recipes?!)
  8. Drink green tea
  9. Drink one+ Nalgene of water per day (32 oz. & that’s still only half the recommended amount)
  10. Call someone from my extended family once a week
  11. Stretch
  12. Make something once a month (my DIY list is overflowing)
  13. Free write by hand or by keyboard
  14. Say “Yes” to new things
  15. Get rid of clutter (via Goodwill or the garbage)
  16. Know what’s happening in the world (incorporating NPR into a 30-min morning walk would take care of #1 & #16 with one stone…)
  17. Keep in touch with friends better
  18. Take non-iPhone photos
  19. Make business cards
  20. Go outside

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