One Year

one year collage

One year ago today, April 17, 2013, I wrote my first blog post on this bad boy! My one year bloggiversary isn’t going to talk about how far I’ve come in the blogosphere (still at the starting line), and you won’t hear me say that I can’t believe how many followers I have (maybe 50) or that it’s still shocking to me that I can make money off this thing (I don’t) because the truth of the matter is, my loyal readers are few, and I still really just write for them (Mama! Brittany! Thanks all!) and myself. However, over the past year many things have changed (don’t even get me started on how my mind runs wild when I consider what could happen in the coming year), and I have picked 10 events to recap the past 365 days.

  1. My last days of rowing. Not my last days ever, but my last days on Richmond Crew, and my last days rowing for a school team, and the last days of a sport that made up a third of my life.
  2. Graduation. “College” was forever a concept. This thing far off in the future that only big kids go to, and despite the diploma on my wall, sometimes I still feel like that 12-year-old girl who knows of “college” only as far as it was the reason my babysitter moved away. It’s an even stranger concept that it’s now behind me.
  3. Belize. Happy Graduation to us. Sammy and I jetted off to Central America for a week of sailing, scuba diving, zip lining, cave tubing, hiking, exploring, tanning, swimming, private beaching, resorting, water poisoning, you name it, we did it.
  4. The rest of the summer. Aka festival season. Aka friends. Aka our first post-grad summer, and even for those moving on to grad or law schools, there was definitely a feeling of last-summer-break syndrome.
  5. My cousin’s wedding. My beautiful cousin Alexandra married her longtime boyfriend Roger in September and the wedding was whatever the word after “amazing” is, and sometimes I scroll through the 1133 wedding photos when I need a pick-me-up.
  6. Michigan trip to see Rachel. In between job hopping and hunting, I got to see my study abroad bestie, Rachel, when we finally lined up schedules and I visited her home outside of Detroit.
  7. Paris. Over the summer I planned an entire NYE Paris vacation and took it to my mom and we promptly booked everything a week later and then waited five aggravating months for it to finally arrive.
  8. I moved to NY. Still waiting for this one to hit me.
  9. I ran a 10k. Pretty sure I just dreamt this.
  10. Brick Wall Management. I have been interning at a company I absolutely love, with people I absolutely love, and while I know that in order to continue buying groceries I need to find a job that pays me a salary, I don’t want to leave.

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