If We Were Having Coffee…


…you’d notice that I was actually drinking tea or hot cocoa because I don’t like coffee.

…the first three minutes would be spent silently instagramming our pretty mugs and place settings at the ultra-chic coffee tea shop we found.

…I’d most likely drag you into discussing the weather and how while there’s a cool breeze now, it’s going to get blistering hot this summer, and I hate heat, and my apartment doesn’t have central A/C, and really I just like to complain.

…I’d mention that I’ve been re-watching all of Gilmore Girls, and I’m almost into the third season, aka the glory years when Rory dates Jess.

…you might see my new ring that I like to flaunt and tell me how glorious it looks on my finger, and I’d say thanks, I know.

…my recent prep for my family business’ upcoming sale would surely come up because it’s all I’ve spent my free time doing the past few days.

…I’d probably tell you for the eleventy-millionth time that I really want to get a dog, but I can’t even consider that until I get a job, and I’ve had no luck on the job front, and the conversation would morph into a vicious circle of dog/job lamentation.

…compliments about your hair or outfit or new earrings or funny joke would inevitably arise because I really do think you’re just that funny/pretty/smart/intriguing. It’s not a question because I’m only friends with funny/pretty/smart/intriguing people.

…I’d definitely also be eating a bagel & cream cheese or chocolate croissant or fluffy muffin of some sort. What is coffee tea without a tasty morsel?

…I’d point you in the direction of Ingrid Michaelson’s new album that came out today, specifically “Warpath” and “Stick.”

…we might share some of the emotional stuff because coffee tea does that to a conversation.

…we would talk until our throats ran dry, the seasons changed outside, and the servers finally forced us to leave, happy, our hearts holding hands, full of love and English Breakfast with just a little milk & sugar.


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