Links to Love

#backingthatazzup as I enjoy some interesting links from across the web and wait for Vanessa to arrive in NYC!

Hilarious and talented quartet “out-performs” each other.

The Official Girl Power Playlist

I may live in NY now, but I’ll always be a DMV girl at heart.

I actually only got 30/100

Puppy alarm clocks!

Lazy girl fitness

As I prepare to blonde/pink ombre my hair for the summer, my Pinterest board keeps growing.

I wonder how many of these hairstyle hacks are actually easy to do.

Amy Schumer is hilarious and brilliant and beautiful.

Some dentist in Canada wants to clone John Lennon from his old molar and raise him as his son. Canadians…

Stereogum is providing a Coachella live stream this weekend. (So is Spin.)


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