Friday Ramblings + A Great Artist

In school, classes used to alternate busy and boring weeks with assignments piling up all at once and then afterwards offering a little respite. It seems to have followed the same pattern at work this week as I was met with a steady stream of nothing to do besides daily social media upkeep and letter mailing. I was able to finish my long ongoing project sorting through old contracts that was supposed to take me up until the end of my internship. But that’s how it goes, there are always ups and downs.

I’ll admit I didn’t have a post planned or in mind for today, but Whitney reminded me that it’s #backthatazzup Friday, and I always have to participate in a good music linkup, and anyway there’s a song (OK, plus an album) that I want to share with everyone.


I’m in love with Sia Furler. I was first introduced to her as a producer on Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic and then BAM! she collaborated with David Guetta on “Titanium” one year later, and the world just went Sia crazy. What everyone didn’t realize was she’d been putting out albums of her own since 1997, and she has produced or composed for pretty much everyone in the business. If you love a song, she’s probably had a hand in creating it. Plus, she’s from Australia. Bonus points for obvious reasons.

Her 2010 album We Are Born is my favorite, especially “Clap Your Hands,” “Never Gonna Leave Me,” and “The Co-Dependent.” Today’s rediscovery means this playlist will be on repeat for me as it should you.

After releasing that album, she announced an indefinite retirement from her solo career in favor of concentrating on her producer and composer talents, but thank Beyonce, she released her first single “Chandelier” this week from her upcoming sixth studio album. This review sums up my thoughts on it. Listen to it, love it, share it.


3 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings + A Great Artist

  1. LOVE Sia, LOVE Clap Your Hands! Thank you for reminding me of this awesome song. I am excited to hear about a new album from her. (Found you via the Hump Day Blog Hop!)

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