Non-Spring Break

I realized a few days ago that this is my first year without a spring break in nearly two decades. Oddly enough, I’m not super upset about it, but I think that’s because this week has been so incredibly busy that I haven’t had time to be jealous of my friends tanning on tropical beaches while I’m dealing with bipolar 57-degrees-one-day-20-the-next Mother Nature. (OK, maybe I’ve thought about it a little bit…)


Right now is the first time I’m sitting back to take a breath from the madness, and that’s only because I just finished my resume redesign and if I have to look up one more synonym for “manage” or “coordinate” I’m going to claw out my eyeballs. That’s right, I’m in the process of hunting and applying for jobs again. At the frequency at which I do this you’d think I must love the job race, but really it’s that I keep finding jobs that last only a few months or weeks. I do it to myself…


Stress aside, I had such a productive albeit busy week at work, and while I was juggling 647 things a day, I felt accomplished and relieved when I looked back at my to-do list and saw everything that I crossed off.


In addition to crazy days at work, I also had fun stuff planned! (Shocker, I know.) I saw an old Richmond friend, Kaitlin, on Monday night for dinner, we caught up, talked about everyone from school and New York life, and I hope we do it again. On Tuesday, I took the LIRR into Garden City to meet up with Sammy, her Gammy, and Diana for a night of Spanish food and sangrias. It was nice to be able to see people from home as well as get out of the city for a night. Long Island reminded me more of NoVa suburbia, and the streets are so clean! Tomorrow I am seeing the Veronica Mars movie with my roommate and after that, meeting up with Caroline for a day of who knows what, but it’s going to be 56 degrees, so I’ll want to jump around outside the whole time. I’m sure she’ll be down for that.


Before I dive back into cover letter writing, and to celebrate being able to relax today and tomorrow’s near 60 degree weather, let’s #backthatazzup country style.


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