Reasons I Can’t Wait to Live Alone

living alone

Don’t get me wrong, I love my roommates, and I loving having roommates, but there are certain things I can’t wait to do when I finally live alone. [PS. That above picture might have been influenced by a bit of wishful thinking…]

  1. Bring Netflix into the bathroom with me. In fact, if there’s room, I might want to put a side table in there just for that purpose.
  2. Be naked whenever. Like, say, when I bring Netflix into the bathroom with me…
  3. Cook with music. OK, we actually do this in my apartment now, but we’re never playing good cooking dubstep or Hilary Duff, I’ll tell you that much.
  4. Blast music everywhere, always. Some day I’ll own a full-house speaker system, but until then, just being able to have music constantly playing – loud – is something I dream about.
  5. Not feel food judgment when I order enough Chinese food to feed the house and don’t share any of it. In that case, not feeling judgment of any kind when I want to dip my Cheetos in red wine or eat on the floor with my nose pressed up against my episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”
  6. Keep everything in its “place” and clean. Until I went to college, I had essentially no idea how clean my house was compared to a lot of others’. My mother always nags insists that we put our stuff away, clean up after ourselves, etc, and so I actually have a higher standard of this for which I am a) grateful and b) anal. For instance, at home, we keep the kitchen counters empty. That’s right, completely clear and white of anything unless we are cooking. To some, this might seem rather crazy, but now I’ve come to absolutely love this and see all other counters as “dirty” unless empty. Additionally, I have this weird thing about all “like” items being stored together. When I organize my room, all beauty supplies must sit in the same place (and within that, hair, makeup, nails all have their own category and so on), all office supplies are on the same shelf, you get the picture. I can’t wait until my house is similarly laid out.
  7. Decorate how I want. Mostly likely in a minimalist but warm theme. I like everything to be all white (but never the couch, I do too much eating on those) with color accents. I want candles in every room, framed typography or cool prints lining the walls, and lots of other Pinteresty things.
  8. Have eleventy million dogs. This is where that all-white house thing might be a problem, but I’m willing to reevaluate #7 if it means I get to have a bunch of fur balls running around.
  9. Set the thermostat unusually low. In the winter, this would actually save me money. But it would all go to paying for the extra A/C in the summer. 60-64 degrees is my ideal house temp.
  10. Sleep with my bedroom door open. Is this one weird?
  11. Not have to talk to people when I don’t want to. Introverts of the world, unite!
  12. Have friends and family visit at any time. Because when I live alone, I’ll only have to answer to me, and I always think last-minute guests are a great idea.

Now, for a little #backthatazzup action… If you haven’t already, check out Pharrell’s new album STAT.


4 thoughts on “Reasons I Can’t Wait to Live Alone

  1. Living alone is the best!! Though I’m completely opposite of you on the whole naked part, I definitely agree with music all the time, extra loud, and decorating however you want (though I have yet to actually do that yet). And No food guilt! Take or cereal for dinner? Don’t mind if I do! Stopping by from the linkup… Happy Friday!

  2. I just moved to an apartment by myself last August and I have to say I absolutely love it- like way more than I thought possible. The whole walking-around-naked-whenever thing is pretty great.

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