I asked my friends for “interview questions,” and this is what they came up with

Do you think you made the right choice moving to New York City? / What pushed you to move there anyway?
I don’t think I could ever consider moving to NYC a mistake. Even if I run out of money, lose my job, and have to move back home, there’s no way it would be a mistake. It’s all a learning experience. I bit the bullet because an internship gave me the push to consider a new city as a “now” option and not just something “out there” in the future.

What is something strange you believed as a child?
Not sure if this counts, but I used to think the word “immigrant” meant “imbecile.” I thought I was so clever calling my brother an “immigrant,” and I never understood why my mom was constantly in stitches.

Describe your favorite outfit that you’ve ever worn.
When I was little, my mom and I played this game where she would tell me to stand on my bed with my eyes closed and she would dress me entirely so that when I opened my eyes and jumped in front of the mirror, my outfit would be a total surprise. I remember my favorite of these outfits consisting of a yellow and white striped turtleneck under a pair of bright green stirrup overalls with my hair done in pigtail buns.

Would your parents be good at picking out a date for you – why or why not?
Whether or not they’d be good at it, now I just really want to see who they’d pick for me (assuming they had a “Bachelorette”-sized group to choose from). My mom would probably choose well based on appearance and my dad would choose well based on personality. I say this because my mom likes to point out the “hunks” to me while we’re out, and she’s generally got good taste, and my dad would probably ask all these annoying questions to gauge the guy’s intelligence, which I admit would be much appreciated.

What’s on your bucket list while you’re in NYC?
Make friends, work at a record label, go on a date with someone I meet in a bar, museum hop, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, give someone proper directions to a complex place, go to at least one pro sports game, see a celebrity, jump in a cab and yell, “Follow that cab!”

What do you think people associate you with?
I wish this question asked me what I hope people associate me with, but alas…I think people associate me with hipsterness (hopefully not too much), music, creativity, and probably a bit of surliness (if they don’t know me that well). Kindness, introversion, open-mindedness, and then some complaining and laziness, too.

What is your ideal vacation?
Somewhere with a beautiful landscape, preferably alongside a beach.

What is the quality you value most in friends?

If you could define yourself in a song what would it be and why?
My first answer is “Neon” by John Mayer. But despite wanting someone to want me this way (You know it’s not my place to hold her down / And it’s hard for me to take a stand / When I would take her any way I can), it’s a little tragic (Who knows how long / She can go before she burns away), and also not really who I am, but more parts of who I wish I could be (enigmatic, effervescent, unattainably captivating, magnetic).

My second answer is “My Thanksgiving” by Don Henley. My childhood and sense of home and relationship with my dad are so wrapped up in this song it’s hard not to hear it and feel instantly at peace with where I am. It’s the sound of comfort and familiarity, and it makes me feel whole. Plus it has a message we could all stand to live by. (For everyone who helped me start / And for everything that broke my heart / For every breath, for every day of living / This is my Thanksgiving)

If you could marry a TV/movie character (not actor) who would it be and why?

Do I have to choose just one or can I have all the husbands? Lucas Scott, Logan Huntzberger, Damon Salvatore. Lucas because sensitive, Logan because adventure, Damon because hotttttt.

If you could witness any historical event, which would it be?
I think I would have been a great hippie in the 60s, and it would have been something else to be a part of the March on Washington and in the thick of the civil rights movement (not fun, exactly, but making history nonetheless). I also would so have been involved in NOW and the women’s rights movement and eaten up The Feminine Mystique and then of course there’s Woodstock, I mean, hello, duh. What’s that? You wanted just one answer?

#1 bucket list concert of all time (can be historical):
It’s really hard not to say Michael Jackson.

What three qualities in a man are your “non-negotiables”?
Honesty, sense of humor, non-smoker

Are there any rituals or traditions you do individually or in your family that you want to pass on to your children?
There are actually so many traditions I want to pass on to my children/future family, but one would be giving them pjs every year on Christmas Eve. My mom still does this for my brother and me and now I do it for her, too.

Do you keep any of your past relationship stuff (pictures, letters, etc)? Why or why not?
While I did have a mini burning party once (took the pictures of us off my wall and burned them in the bathtub) because it sounded like it would be fun and therapeutic at the time, yes, I also kept little mementos from our time together. I put them all away because I knew that later I would want to reminisce about the good times after the bitterness had passed.

Favorite movie of all time:
Remember the Titans

Describe the moment when you started learning how to do something, and then describe the moment you knew you had mastered it.
I instinctively want to talk about rowing even though that’s not something I could ever “master.” I remember my first races freshman year of high school, on a young team with very inexperienced and under-coached rowers. We caught crabs, rushed our slide, missed water, the whole shebang. We didn’t even know how wrong we were doing it.
Senior year of high school at Stotesbury during time trials, the last 1000 meters felt like floating. We were pushing beyond every pain barrier and physical limit we knew and yet it felt effortless. We didn’t strain or wrench ourselves past the finish line, we floated through it. Eight bodies clicked and I swear even our breaths were synced. We were all completely lost in the one entity we had created as a boat, and it was like our oars were wings.

What is your biggest regret and would you take it back if you could? Why or why not?
I’d bring my brother to Ring Dance and spend much more time dancing with my family instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find my scattered friends (something I never accomplished, btw). This memory overwhelms me with guilt and I usually refuse to think about it.

If you could co-write a song with one singer-songwriter who would it be?
Jackson Browne or Lady Gaga

What alcoholic drink do you think personifies your personality?
I wish I could say tequila, but as much as I love it, I’m just not that spirited all the time. So, I’d have to say beer. Comforting, appropriate for every occasion, and always a good time.

If you could throw a themed party what would the theme be?
Snow pants or no pants.

Would you rather have your nails from junior year of high school or eyebrows from 8th?
Easy. Nails. (For reference, I chewed my nails until senior year, but I had the most massive caterpillar crawling across my face until 8th grade.)

What is your favorite blog to read and why?
I look forward to reading I Wore Yoga Pants to Work the most because she is just so charismatic and relatable and her lifestyle blog is scattered and varied and always engaging. As far as fashion blogs go, though, Gal Meets Glam is the best because her outfits are great and she’s so freakin’ gorgeous.

What piece of advice will always stick with you?
“Always bring a sweater. If you get too hot you can take it off, but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it.” – My ever-wise mother


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