The best thing ever happened today

Nothing I can say will do the day justice (nor the pictures, even). This weekend I volunteered at my first Badass adoption event where I was in charge of Gracie (pictured directly below). She’s a three-month, 25-pound lab/hound mix rescued from Alabama. At the end of the event, after meeting so many people, she was just pooped, and she curled up on my lap to snooze in the sun. I died. And then her brother Gus joined her. Just walked right up onto my lap and plopped down on top of Gracie. And they both went to sleep. Little puppy-snoring sleep. This is what heaven must be like. Oh my god, I cannot express the joy I was feeling. I want to cry a little bit just remembering it. I didn’t move for like 45 minutes. Couldn’t feel anything below my waist, but nothing has ever been so worth it.

I will be riding this high all weekend long.

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This weekend’s linkup brought to you by The Rachael Way.


4 thoughts on “The best thing ever happened today

  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are absolutely precious. I’m glad that your volunteering opportunity was so successful and enlightening for you. Keep doing awesome things, lady. And such darling dogs! Agh, I love dogs. 🙂

    1. Lots of animal shelters around all sorts of cities have volunteer opportunities, you should look up some in your area! It’s so much fun to help out with the cutest pups.

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