My New Favorite Game

set 1

Polyvore, how I love thee. It was one fine end-of-workday evening that I remembered reading about you, and that should I avail myself of your powers I would be met with great reward.

Cha-ching! This site is the coolest thing ever. It consists of the internet’s largest collection of clothes (I made that up, but it feels right) and a blank canvas on which to make collages. All it needs now is to provide me with a magic button so presto, chango! those clothes can be mine. These six “looks” (am I blogger-y and cool enough to use that term yet?) I created were just the first things I came up with; I haven’t even begun to search for specific pieces or articles. I didn’t have any sort of theme in mind as I built the outfits, but I labeled them according to what occasion each made me think of.

I would wear all of these (redundant; obviously I put together sets with myself in mind), but maybe not necessarily to each of the labeled destinations. For instance, my “first date” look would be more of the “boardwalk” variety as I prefer to let a guy know what he’s getting himself into right off the bat, i.e. a constant rotation of converse, yoga pants, and baggy tees. And if I could walk in heels, my “clubbing” look – this plan is also contingent on my going clubbing (no) – would ideally be more of what I labeled as the “first date” outfit above.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my newfound love of this site except that I do and it’s create outfit combos all day long for the whole weekend and probably at work, too ! I’m taking outfit/occasion requests.

#backthatazzup with this new (to me) one –
should be pretty good to clean to as I need to do that, like, all day.

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