A Day in the Life

I have been asked by my mother what exactly it is I do at work because apparently “filing and stuff” isn’t a sufficient answer. After I wrote a cursory post about my internship last week, I additionally decided to take an hour-by-hour look at my day. Some days are more interesting than others, but I decided on today before I wrote it all down, so you get what you get.

6:40 am, My body clock doesn’t usually wake me up this early, but I was probably anticipating my 7 am alarm because I needed to do laundry this morning.

7:00 am, Decided to forego laundry (for yet another day) and stay in bed and catch up on Nashville. (I’m about halfway through season 2 and the drama is so juicy and the men so hot, I love it).

8:00 am, Scrambled egg & cheese bagel sandwich, strawberries on the side.

9:00 am, Paused the current episode to hop in the shower a little earlier than usual because I wanted to try a new hairstyle.

10:00 am, Hairstyle did not go as planned (which is basically what I had planned), but the pup did hang out with me while I got dressed, which never happens. He even kept me company on the bathroom floor while I showered. I worked up a little body heat getting dressed, so I overestimated how warm it was outside and only grabbed for my leather jacket instead of my coat. This would bite me in the butt in about two hours.

11:00 am, Made my 10:29 train, and got to work on time. Spent about 30 minutes checking email, readin’ some blogs, the ush. youge? (I never know how to spell the abbreviation for “usual.”)

12:00 pm, First errand of the day. Little colder once I returned to a normal temperature, and I definitely regretted my jacket (and shoe) choice. Headed past Madison Square Garden to the big main post office by Penn Station to check on the status of a package that was deemed “Undeliverable as addressed” to our office at which we always receive mail. Desk attendant gave me three numbers to call. Called for fifteen minutes with no answer from any line. Post office was quite glamorous for a post office.

photo 3photo 1

1:00 pm, Super hungry after doing all that walking (five blocks). Heated up my lunch, leftovers from last night’s honey mustard baked chicken & rice. Tried calling the post office numbers again. No such luck. Read more blogs and touched up a few post drafts of my own.

2:00 pm, Organized a few electronic bills/payments for our 10x clients, uploaded a song to our Google drive, got a few checks ready to mail out. Finally got in touch with someone from USPS who said the reason our package didn’t arrive was because there’s no “Case” for our suite at the office. No idea what that meant. I became more confused after he tried to explain it. Said he’d call back.

3:00 pm, Still no call from USPS man. Which meant no sign of our package. Started an Instagram for our artist, The Clarks (@theclarksofficial), and caught up on their social media shtuff. Called a few people on a winter 2013 VIP concert list to confirm emails. Got voicemails for all six. Browsed usmagazine.com and people.com because of course keeping up on pop culture is a very important part of my job.

4:00 pm, Job hunted for a good while.

5:00 pm, More job hunting. Bookmarked many, applied to none. Postman came by. Took down our information to track the missing package. The mystery was not meant to be solved today. Afterwards, I ran my second errand of the day, quick deposit & letter drop-off at the corner.

6:00 pm, Added a tour date for our artist, Gungor, updated the necessary media outlets, and packed up to go home.

7:00 pm, Yup, definitely regretted today’s choice in outer- and footwear on my walk home. Alas, I was greeted by (what I thought was) an empty house (Sonny was in his room all along), and made myself some mac & cheese before hitting up the laundromat.

8:00 pm, Did laundry, the bane, bane, of my existence. I hate it so much. Worst chore ever.

9:00 pm, Continued to do laundry because somehow it takes me so much longer than it should take anyone to do laundry.

9:55 pm, I am now sitting on my bed staring at a pile of clothes, putting off packing my duffel for the bus ride home tomorrow. I can hear another episode of Nashville calling my name. What to choose, what to choose…


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