I’m the kinda girl who…

…hates coffee.

…will bail on her going-out plans roughly 15 minutes before she’s supposed to leave because her bed looks lonely.

…prefers no pants to sweatpants and sweatpants to everything else.

…would always rather be too cold than too hot.

…can’t go down to the basement alone at night. [Unless every light is turned on. And I sing the whole way so my mom knows I’m still alive. And I run full speed back up the steps to the safety of the main floor.]

…doesn’t understand how people can let their alarm go on for a long time before they roll over to turn it off.

…is meticulous about painting her nails. [Probably to make up for the 18 years I chewed them and couldn’t apply polish.]

…will not respond to a text that says “Hey” or any variation thereof.

…still thinks online dating is weird.

…finds grammatical errors vile.


…doesn’t cry in front of people.

…can’t wait to have kids.

…is always researching her next vacation. [Currently, somewhere tropical…can you blame me?]

…does not like to cook.

…will not engage in small talk with you.

…wishes she was more versed on current events.

Today’s link-up is brought to you by a slow day at work and also Holly from hey, hollywood.

Happy Hump Day, y’all.


3 thoughts on “I’m the kinda girl who…

  1. Danielle, I was also the kinda girl who would not go downstairs by myself, except I made my MOM sing to ME the entire time, while I raced downstairs to the do whatever errand she had sent me on. So even if the Boogie Man had murdered me with a pick axe, she couldn’t have heard my shrieks over her beautiful singing.

  2. I found myself nodding my head a lot as I read this post! I ALWAYS run up any set of stairs at night because I’m paranoid that someone is going to drag me back down. I think I’ve watched a few too many horror movies ;] I agree with you about the cold. It is a million times better being too cold than too hot.

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