Brick Wall


This is where the magic happens.

And by magic I mean important daily tasks, and by important daily tasks I mean shredding a mound of years’ worth of old documents. Which is oddly satisfying.


I began interning at Brick Wall a month ago, and they were the reason I made the move to NY in the first place. They are a music management company that also owns 10x Management, a tech talent agency, The Kristen Ann Carr Fund, a cancer foundation, and does work with or has founded a smattering of other organizations. I do a lot of administrative and glorified clerical work (read: sending letters, making deposits, updating database info) for all three, but I also get to organize touring schedules, research artist bios, gather signed artist memorabilia, deal with our artists’ social media, and look at a lot of cool records on the walls (one of the owners used to work very closely with John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen and still has ties with both).

The office is small and the manpower smaller, but a lot goes on in suite 1403 and I never tire of stumbling upon a master recording tape or walking past the John Mayer guitar. Going through a random box can uncover anything from an old signed CD to a handwritten song-by-song production plan used in the recording studio. The stuff I see and do is so relatively small and at times insignificant and yet I sit and gape at everything that comes across my desk like it is the Holy Grail.

How does anyone get used to this?


Whatd'ya think?

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