Happy Valentine’s Day


Listen up, world. Today we do not complain. Today we do not whine. Today we do not wallow in our singledom and think Why me?! Today we love.

Why are we so narrow-minded about Valentine’s Day? Why is it suddenly “Singles’ Awareness Day” if we’re not dating someone? I’ve never spent V-Day with a significant other, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a Valentine. It doesn’t mean that I can’t wake up to a brilliant sun and feel the warmth and love of all those in my life, regardless of whether I’ll be receiving a dozen roses today.

A day dedicated to wearing pink and red, drawing hearts on everything, and eating chocolate to our hearts’ content. How can anyone possibly hate this holiday? If something as simple as seeing the date February 14 on your calendar can make you bitter, you’ve got bigger problems, my friend.

Love your family, love a new book, love a good movie, love the crap out of that grilled cheese you are so making for lunch, love life, love yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I love your attitude about the holiday! 🙂 And honestly I think some of my single Valentine’s Days were a little more festive than my marred and too-busy Valentine’s Days! 😛

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