Oz Flashback

Two years ago today I left to study abroad in Australia. Two years. How can it possibly have been that long ago? Did I actually live in Sydney for five months or did I dream it? Surely I made the whole thing up. There’s no way I spent my free Tuesdays on my own private beach, spent two weeks skydiving and bungy jumping in New Zealand, lost and found my passport on the night of my birthday…

My abroad blog is still active (for who knows how much longer), and I do take a trip down memory lane every now and again. I love that as soon as I start reading it feels like I am back in my old apartment, typing up my last adventure, and I can still look around with my mind’s eye at my room’s walls, see the collage of posters and wristbands, napkins, and found treasures collected over many months. I can remember cooking in that kitchen and curling up on the one couch spot that wasn’t dirty and actually feel nostalgic for the mess. I’m a little afraid I’m going to forget all these details, the parts that don’t matter in the long run but that made Oz a place I became comfortable calling home, but hopefully my diligent blogging (and excess of photos) while I was there will pay off.

IMG_0250 IMG_0214 IMG_0363 IMG_0577 IMG_0747 IMG_0789 IMG_0818 IMG_0893IMG_1063IMG_1114IMG_1310IMG_1330IMG_1366IMG_1647IMG_0298IMG_0469IMG_0641IMG_0467


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