A Few Words on Concerts


Last night I impulsively attended Amnesty Internationals “Bringing Human Rights Home” concert, their first show since their human rights tour nearly 25 year ago. I got to see Blondie, Cake, Imagine Dragons (completely obsessed with these guys – their music was made to be heard on the big stage), Lauryn Hill, The Fray, and a few others including presenters such as Susan Sarandon and Madonna. I am very easily starstruck. I hope that never goes away.

I am also very easily moved when it comes to music. I’m not a crier, and definitely not publicly, but put on some music and I’m a mess. I get choked up on the subway when a good song catches me off guard. During the Grammys I cried like nine times. I can’t even talk about Les Mis without losing it. And last night, anyone walking by my seat might have thought I was being held miserably against my will when in fact the reason for my contorted face and barely-held back tears was the complete opposite. I could never attempt to find the words to explain it. I believe in music the way some people believe in God. Concerts are my religious experience, and I put all my faith into the music. I hope that never goes away either.


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