Long Time No Blog

Let’s skip straight to the point and list the highlights because to say I’ve been neglecting my followers (hey, Mom!) would be an egregious understatement.

nyc update1

  • Starting last Thanksgiving, visited my friend Rachel in Michigan whom I met while I was studying abroad (had to give a shoutout here because I never wrote a proper post on my trip!)
  • Had a great holiday season filled with Christmas cookies and family
  • Went to Paris with my mom and rang in 2014 my new favorite way: in a different country
  • Moved to NYC (well, Brooklyn, but I work in the city)
  • Began a music management internship at Brick Wall Management (our biggest active clients are Gungor, The Clarks, Vanessa Carlton, William Fitzsimmons, and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – look ’em all up)

In between the big stuff my life has looked like this:

nyc update2

  • Got sick in Paris and subsequently stayed home much more than I would have liked
  • Visited NY for two days, looked at eight apartments, and picked one before bussing back home to pack up and officially move one week later (fast turnaround for sure)
  • Scoured DIY sites and photos for decorating my new room (all this did was make me want to decorate an entire apartment for which I do not have the funds)
  • Watched to completion a few more TV shows on Netflix (this is simultaneously my favorite time waster and probably the reason I do not have a boyfriend)
  • Hanging out at home now means also getting to know my four roommates: Shanti, Jimmy, Sonny, and Tommy – we get along well and bonus, I’ve got an insta-friend group! Annnd we have a dog, a poodle named Godis (pronounced goo-dis, Swedish for “candy”)
  • Pretended to train for my impending 10k by laying in bed with my eyes closed thinking really hard about the race
  • Seen an influx in my wedding pins for reasons unbeknownst to me
  • Waiting for warm weather
  • Wrote my first rent check (yowza)
  • Mastered Explored the metro
  • Preparing for our Chinese New Year party tomorrow night (and by preparing I mean making a feast, and by making a feast I mean watching while everyone else does the actual cooking part)

And the things I need to do look like this:

  • Find a paying job so I can afford to write more rent checks
  • Meet some more people and learn how to make friends again
  • Actually train for my 10k
  • Explore Brooklyn and the city (this is why I need warmer weather)
  • Laundry at a laundromat where they don’t take student IDs as money or have eSuds

Ironically, the less I have going on in my life the more blog posts I write, and the more I have going on in my life the less I make time to write about it all. It is here my dad would say C’est la vie.


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