Listening to Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2which gets better and better, by the way, and although in a very different category, has completely surpassed Gaga and Katy Perry’s recent releases. (I was looking forward to and then quite disappointed by those two.)

Wearing my new Steve Madden grey Haggle boots, which always prompt my dad to ask my if I’m taking the horse to work because the buckles jingle like spurs every time I take a step. Worth it.

Eating the last of my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I made for Thanksgiving. And in the same vein, drooling for the candied yam leftovers as well.

Watching Netflix reruns of HIMYM because legendary.

Wanting a cup of hot chocolate and my sweatpants.

Loving this Pinterest board, “happiness,” which makes me think of summer and friends and sunshine and color and music and love.

Planning my day-to-day Paris excursions, emailing ideas and landmarks and free stuff to do (suggestions, anyone??) back and forth with my mom.

Reading a British chicklit novel called The Ex-Files by Jane Moore where the bride and groom invite their exes to their wedding and chaos ensues.

Dreaming of moving to a new country to go on all the adventures and leaving the job hunt behind.


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