The odds were so in my favor

This weekend I joined the masses (November record-breaking $161.1 million worth, to be exact) and hit up the theater to watch my homegirl J-Law in Catching Fire. I read the trilogy a while ago, and I didn’t remember what happened in the second installment, so I was surprised at all the right times and shocked in all the right places.

team katnissI enjoyed the movie, maybe more than the first, but what I came away with most, besides my $12.75 ticket stub, was an even deeper love (if possible) for Jennifer Lawrence. Forget Gale or Peeta (never Finnick), I’m Team Katniss.

This should hardly come as a surprise, given my already feverish nonstop pursuit of all things Lawrence on the Google, but add to that her perfectly tousled post-fight Katniss hair, coupled with clip after clip of endearing interviews, and I don’t want to be J-Law, I want her to be around me at all times of the day. I think this is about the time when people start investing in driving diapers and drawing map routes to track her whereabouts…

The rest of my weekend was far less exciting, and today is my last free(ish) day before I begin the madness that is the holiday season. Two days of internship, Thanksgiving, Michigan, back to internshipping, and then starting my seasonal position at Nordstrom Rack. (You guys all know where your Christmas gifts are coming from this year.)

And so I leave you with the newly improved (I’m a pixie cut convert) J-Law.

premiere jlaw all


4 thoughts on “The odds were so in my favor

    1. Thanks & glad you found the blog! The books are better than the movies, so if you haven’t, definitely give those a try, but to each his own.

    1. You should definitely read the books, the storyline is unique and easy to enjoy, especially books 1 & 2. I’ve been on a dystopian future kick lately with my books and movies!

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