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This time next week I’ll be recovering from turkey and stuffing overload, but also on my way to Michigan where I’m visiting my friend Rachel whom I met abroad for a nice, long weekend! So clearly I need to stock up on links to get me through not just one, but two weekends since I soon won’t have much time for blogging at all.

Obviously as soon as I saw the ‘Which Minion Are You?‘ quiz on my FB newsfeed, I had to take it. Apparently I’m Phil, which is so the best answer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 7.29.28 PM

Buzzfeed at it again with their unique facts and making me want to watch Good Will Hunting.

After reading this Rolling Stone article, I spent way too much time looking up everything I could about Charles Manson. Such a morbid fascination.

Since it was Catching Fire release week, the Internet has been a-flood with J-Law everything, and even though I live and breathe by the Jennifer chronicles, I’m going to refrain from posting a slew of videos and articles and photos and just stick with the one David Letterman clip about her “fulcer.” DAMNIT, Lawrence, I can’t handle you.

Two guys answer dating questions (some hilariously ludicrous) on TC. 

Cleverness will get you everywhere. 

Demi Lovato debuted her new single/video “Neon Lights” yesterday and I’m loving the electronic feel.

I like to pretend I’m going to one day go on a makeup & hair expedition of epic proportions, which is why I follow The Beauty Department on Pinterest, but this Cranberry Chic makeup tutorial is really doable, and perfect for the December holidays.

I recently found this travel blog, and I can’t stop reading through all her different adventures, and I’ve been trying to write down and remember as many tips and tricks as I can for my own impending trips!

This completely describes me.


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