No-Skip Playlist

If you’re like me, you spend most of your time on your iPod Zune tape deck phone flicking past a million songs before listening to one for maybe 29 seconds and then beginning to flick again. I don’t know why I do it; it’s become like a nervous tick for me or something. Maybe it’s another manifestation of society’s inability to be satisfied with what’s right in front of them. But I digress.

My no-skip playlist – a playlist of songs I just can’t skip when bouncing around on iTunes, for those of you whose brains are still on your pillows even after a full day’s work – is just about the only part of my iTunes that isn’t temperamental. By that I mean this list weathers the storm that most of my iTunes (playlists, songs, most-played, etc.) does not. The music I listen to depends on my mood, the time of day, where I am in the world, etc., but the below songs are rarely skipped even when all their usual ideal factors are scrambled.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 3.39.53 PM

It’s a fairly random list, I’ll admit, but reflective of how I compiled it: put my iTunes on shuffle and flicked around ’til I found a bunch of songs I didn’t want to skip. Thus the playlist was born.

What’s on your no-skip playlist?


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