Sponge gloves are the best purchase I’ve ever made (& the rest of my weekend)

jedi bath

I’m serious. Slip these bad boys on, lather up, and it’s like an all over body scratch that gets you super clean and silky smooth. Also I dare you to find a better price for this magic.

On Friday afternoon, I visited my brother for lunch before running a bunch of errands. I met my mom at Burlington to coat peruse, which turned into more than perusing, which turned into a full-blown evening of shopping that was totally unexpected and wallet-damaging, but ultimately exactly what I needed with my mama. All in the name of Paris, I say!

Now, back to shower time. One of the errands I needed to run on Friday consisted of replenishing my seriously dwindling shower supplies. I was running low on everything except water, and I tell ya, there’s nothing like scouring the aisles at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for new and old beauty favorites. Aside from the necessities, I had to get a new hairdryer after my previous one caught on fire – in my hand, I might add – grabbed yet another curling iron, and snagged some moroccan oil that I’ve heard wonderful things about and will probably never take out of the box. And with all this amazingness in my bathroom now, I never want to leave. (But actually, I’ve taken five showers in three days and finished Private Practice while organizing everything under my sink.)

I’m not even sorry to say the rest of my weekend paled in comparison. I spent hours backing up, wiping, updating, and rebuilding my computer, which is now lightyears faster, thank god. I ravaged humbly beat my mother in Gin (the card game, not the bottle of – nobody wins in that game), spent four hours on a job app that I really want (fingers crossed everyone, please!), and logged some good snuggle time with my pup. An uneventful weekend to help me recover from my Friday purchase frenzy.

PS. I think it fair to note I employed the use of hyperbole in this post because in actuality, this potato cooker and these pajama jeans were the best purchases I’ve ever made. Also, these headphones.

PPS. In the name of full disclosure I worship I do not actually own the first two aforementioned items, but they’re on my Christmas list.


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