J-Law’s new haircut was the most exciting part of my day

j-law haircut

I know what you’re thinking. You did nothing besides loiter on the interwebz long enough to witness Jennifer Lawrence showcase her new ‘do? And to that I say, NOW HOLD ON JUST A SECOND. Day in, day out, all I do is wait for some news, any news of J-Law to surface so that I can pounce on it like an over-eager pubescent boy.

So, really, this is like all of my hard trolling work finally coming to fruition. As my spirit animal, J-Law can obviously do no wrong, so even though I’m not please keep arms and legs in the car at all times and enjoy your ride about her look, it’s still woo! woo! all aboard the J-Law train! for me. Danifer forever.

Ps. Coincidence that she and I both got our hairs cut yesterday? I think not.


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