paris1 paris2

When you hear “Paris” don’t you think of men wearing berets riding bicycles filled with fresh baguettes down the Seine while an accordion plays in the background? When you hear “Paris in winter” aren’t you filled with images of snow falling at night around the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower? And doesn’t “Paris on New Year’s Eve” make you imagine luxurious fur coats over elegant ball gowns at the ballet before the clock strikes midnight? Check, check, and check.

eiffel tower paris3

My mom and I leave for Pair-ee on December 26 for 10 full days of baguettes, shopping, ballet, baguettes, snow?, sight-seeing, Versailles, cafes, and baguettes. No doubt I’m going to need at least 1 memory card per day for all my pictures.

I told you, every six months I’ve gotta scratch my itch to travel. I can’t believe it took me this long to get my mom to finance the trip come with me. But seriously, all the fun in all the land will be had when the Holstrom women take over the City of Lights. Though there’s a good chance that if I start the new year in Paris I’m going to want to finish it there, too.


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