Nobody has genes that good

Apparently Blake Lively is trying her hand at mass deceit of the politician’s persuasion because she has once again claimed not to follow any sort of fitness routine, alluding that she doesn’t work out or manage her diet at all. Obviously we can all agree that this is a load of boohockey because those legs… be still my heart.

She has even tried to contend that she does her own hair & makeup for red carpet appearances and styles her wardrobe herself. Now, I did a little readin’ on the Google, and found articles from both sides saying she does and does not adhere to a strict food and exercise plan, but we know which of those is true. Not a soul on god’s green earth looks like her without hours a little extra help, and there ain’t no shame in it! Come forth and relish in the relief of honesty, girlfriend; I promise it’s much more fun to commiserate about the universal truth that exercise is the devil’s work as opposed to maintaining you woke up like that.

"American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity" Met Gala - Arrivals blake3 blake1 blake5 blake4

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still in my top five girl crushes, but sister needs to get ahold of herself. Female body image is a huge concern in the 21st century and crap like this just sends self-conscious girls farther off the deep end. Not to mention I’m never going to be able to comfortably order a donut in public ever again.


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