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I’m off to U of R this weekend for my first homecoming as an alum! My bag is haha! not at all uh-oh nearly packed and I’m so excited to see all my biddies as we traipse around the streets of downtown Richmond once again. Recap of that next week. To bring us into TGIF mode, here are the links I’ve been lovin’ lately – say that five times fast.

I can’t stop giggling little-girl-meets-a-puppy-for-the-first-time style from this feel-good video.

This candy-inspired post by Rachel from Pink Peonies (deep breath here to suppress my jealousy that she’s my age with such an amazing style & blog) was on point and Halloween-relevant in the exact right way.

More videos should be made like this one; I am a firm believer in absolute transparency from this industry.

Day 57 seems like the perfect time to take these guys home for some snuggles, amirite?

You can thank the pops for way more candy analysis than I’ll ever need to see again.

I know it’s November now, but these two-sentence horror stories kept me up longer than I’d like to admit last night.

Try not to laugh at this, I dare ya.


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