Kanye needs to reel it in

kim engagement ring

15 carats?! For one ring? That thing is bigger than her knuckle. And here I thought Chad went over the top for Avril. As if that wasn’t enough, Kanye had to rent out AT&T Park, misspell his message on the Jumbotron, and choose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” to be played in the background. Not only does this song not elicit the timelessness an engagement should, it’s also kind of sad. Maybe that’s just me. Kanye fits in seamlessly with the madness that is the Kardashian family. He’s probably thinking now that they’ve had a baby she’s got to keep him around longer than 72 days, right?

All of it was so much, so loud, so in-your-face, but so are Kim’s boobs, so why shouldn’t the rest of her life be? I guess what I’m saying is I clearly need someone to propose to me this way ASAP.


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