Adventures on the Metro

metro sign

I haven’t been metroing to/from my internship long, but I’ve lived just this side of DC all my life and I am no stranger to the Metro. I can’t remember the first time I took it (think still-bald-at-two baby Dani in a carriage most likely), but I do remember one time arriving very early in the morning in 8th grade to catch the first train and sleeping on the filthy, filthy floor (you can gasp) with all my other school chums for a field trip.

I’ve never habitually taken the metro for work before. I usually prefer to avoid peak time crowds (redundant, who doesn’t), but it has offered a new take on DC travel, more notably the people who travel with me.

On the way home from my first day at the office, I had in quick succession two polar opposite seat mates: 1) a man so beautiful I nearly choked on my own spit when I forgot how to swallow and 2) a man who took his place one stop later who I’m pretty sure was either having a mental breakdown or trying to make a very life-altering decision based on his sporadic hair-tugging, finger-wringing, deep-breathing, body-rocking distress signals. It is (maybe) important to note that at the time the second man took his seat I was listening to “Bangarang,” which, coupled with his motions, looked like it might have actually worked as a music video. My mind wanders pretty freely on the metro.

I’ve seen lots of people (and some duplicates because we must run on the same schedule), lots of headphones, lots of briefcases, lots of almost-smashed-in-the-doors victims. Yesterday evening after waiting while one too-full train left without half of us, I crushed (used purposely instead of ‘squeezed’ or ‘squashed’) myself into the last car to be met with three armpits belonging to riders using the ceiling bar for stability. Damn my height. Never have I ever (put down a finger) been so cramped up against so many strangers (wait, high school homecomings came pretty close) without even a place to put both feet. Add to that the stop and go and let’s just say I’m looking over my shoulder for the wife whose husband I got really close to yesterday…

For your travel pleasure (these will work just as well in the car), my top five metro songs of the week:

“Golden Train (Dub Mix),” Penguin Prison

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift (recommended for the walk off the train, up the escalator, and crossing the street to your office building where you can do an embarrassing little jig as you move)

“Put the Gun Down,” ZZ Ward

“Come Alive,” Hanni El Khatib

“Sweet Disposition,” The Temper Trap (especially good for the moment you finally come out from underground and the sun is setting…if you’re looking for idyllic)


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