I can’t seem to get out of bed


I mean, come on, would you want to leave this wonderfully cozy deathtrap?

This weekend has been a total zone out, time warp, black hole of lying in bed watching Private Practice. Granted, every day before I got an internship sounded something like that, but instead of purely vegging out I was also job hunting, emailing, resume refining, errand running, working out (whoops, probably should have added that to this weekend’s agenda), and you get the picture. Since Friday morning, however, barring short breaks for a GMU family weekend dinner/observatory visit with the little brother and dog walking for a friend’s family who is out of town, it’s taken every bit of strength I have just to get out of my warm cocoon and pee.


On the upside, I did leave my room to play with the puppy for a bit. Little guy is gettin’ to be an old man with all that grey hair.geoff1 geoff2 geoff3

This coming week is going to be all kinds of busy – DC, Chesapeake, Harrisonburg – so back to bed and back to Oceanside Wellness it is, without any bit of guilt!


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