Links to Love (yes, another)

internet everything

With all the internetting I do anyway, up goes another edition of Friday links. For your ever-productive weekend reading, naturally. Filled with lots and lots of highly educational articles about the end of the shutdown and the Nobel Peace Prize‘s oversight (you’re still a winner to me, Malala!) and other current event-y type shtuff, of course...

I know it’s not Throwback Thursday anymore, but can we all please laugh at this?

My old roommate (see her blog here) posted this art link on Facebook, and the images are as mesmerizing as they are beautiful.

By far the cutest thing you will see all weekend month.

If you haven’t already seen these conniving munchkins, now is the time.

Chrissy Teigan’s Twitter account is hands down one of the funniest ever. Except she talks incessantly about food (she conducts frequent #snackchats with her followers) and being lazy, and, well, boo, you whore because just look at her.

Suddenly, knowing how tall my favorite celebs are makes them seem more like real people.

I can’t wait to see Zac Efron’s new movie (equally loving Miles Teller),  That Awkward Moment.

Any time I can make a t-shirt work for a non-PJ occasion is a good time for me. Lusting after wearing this one with a pencil skirt to work.

Even if you don’t read music, I guarantee you’ll have a pretty good understanding with the help of these cats.


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