The Season of Too-Hot Showers Is Finally Upon Us

I prefer the cold. And finally, finally, it is cold enough outside to stand under a hot shower (my showers are cold pretty much from Easter to almost Halloween since I tend to sweat rather easily) until my skin is scalding. Then I step out into a bathroom whose window has been open all along and snuggle into my fluffy robe before slipping a flannel around my shoulders.

fall blog collage

Speaking of, is there any better fall item than too-big flannels? Also upon us are sweatpants & fuzzy socks for sleeping, hot Tetley tea, boots (all hail), chunky sweaters (hail bigger), and the looming holidays which make home home.

It’s hardly autumn and I’m pretty sure this is the start of way too many weeee-I-love-fall! posts. Sorry not sorry…


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