Links to Love

internet workSometimes you have to sift through a lot of stab-yourself-in-the-eye garbage on the interwebz to find the really good stuff. So when I finally uncover something worthwhile – hilarious, mind-blowing, hilariously mind-blowing, etc. – I’m all like Oh, thank god, humanity isn’t going straight to the crapper. I won’t have as much time to web surf now that I’m starting an internship next week (did I mention??), so I figured I needed to start collecting the keepers now. And since we all know we’re going to lie in bed with our laptops through the second worst holiday in America (Flag Day’s got ya beat, Columbus Day), allow me to kick off the weekend with some links to love:

Jimmy Kimmel extended his most recent “Mean Tweets” segment to musicians, during which he recorded the likes of Kid Rock and Adam Levine (who had the funniest reaction in my opinion) reading mean things people tweeted to them.

Hannah Brencher, literary blogger, penned woman’s newest vade mecum, both whimsical and heartening, as all female guides should be.

In a related vein, as a single woman myself, I can attest to all 29 reasons why pizza is better than having a significant other, not least of all #21. 

This site lists the Twitter accounts to our favorite 90s heartthrobs, proving that the frosted tips that once made our hearts go pitter-pat will never go out of style…metaphorically speaking.

All I want is to be in an all-girls a cappella group so I can cover “Royals” by Lorde. These six covers will have to tide me over until that time, specifically #5 on repeat.

Nina Katchadourian has compiled the most hysterical collection of “Flemish Style Portraits” taken as selfies in airplane bathrooms.

This video just proves my inadequacy as a human being yet again.

I will have long, mouth-watering dreams of this skirt, despite its heart-stopping price tag.


One thought on “Links to Love

  1. 1. acoustic lorde = wonderful.
    2. drawing videos like that make me want to burn my hands off for even trying.
    3. let the imitation skirt hunt begin

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