My so-called friends The other data collectors abandoned me in Bristol this weekend (kidding…sorta), so today I took my Nikon and headed out for some good ol’ fashioned ‘splorin’. Steele Creek Park is actually quite extensive with campgrounds, lots of playgrounds, paddle boating on a lake, a creek, gazebos galore, fields, trails, and more. It was hotter today than I was expecting (seriously, if the temperature keeps hitting 80+ degrees, I’m never gonna be able to take out my boots and layers), and walking under the sun in my jeans wasn’t ideal, but John Mayer, Carbon Leaf, and Young the Giant offered a nice soundtrack to the afternoon and I didn’t even mind the heat.

After walking a good portion of the park, I drove downtown to roam State Street again with a better camera than my iPhone, rattled off a few shots, headed back to the car and called it a day. I took more than 200 photos, and I’ve never been good at choosing just a few to showcase, but I settled on a good spread to give y’all (merh) a small taste of small Bristol.

I miss taking photos, seeing the world through a lens, choosing what to put in the frame, and allowing myself to let go of what doesn’t fit. I’m more portrait-inclined, preferring to capture an expression over a landscape, but in places where nature really shines (i.e. New Zealand if you’re truly lucky – sorry, Bristol) a good mountain or a clear river really hits the spot.

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