What’s in My Bag?

I’m probably behind on this trend (what else is new?), but sitting in my hotel room, in Bristol, on a Friday afternoon, watching 8 Simple Rules, done with work early, surrounded only by my suitcase-full of belongings, I figured eh, why not do a #whatsinmybag post and see just how my crap compares to all those highly unrealistic Instagram photos. *annnd, breath*


Let’s start with my gorgeous cream Italian leather beaut I picked up while visiting my friend in Siena last Thanksgiving. It goes with everything and looks as hot on my arm as Chris Hemsworth would (lolz sikeee as if). For the longest time I was the girl who stuffed as much as she could in her pockets because she hated to carry a purse, but if this bag couldn’t make a changed woman outta me, then I don’t know what could.

I’m happy to report that I actually don’t carry around too much random, useless stuff day to day. My wallet is an essential, as are my sunglasses & case, keys, and phone. The headphones are to avoid my biggest fear, getting stuck somewhere and being forced to wait for a long time, as is the book. (This week’s edition is Bergdorf Blondes, and it’s just as bad and indulgent as it sounds.) My middle compartment is filled with personal hygiene products: hand sanitizer, pocket mirror, lotion, cocoa butter lip balm, face & oil wipes, a hair tie & bobby pins, and a single band-aid. I’ve got various trash, a paperclip because I guess you never know, a pen, my hotel room key (kept far away from my cell phone because I’ve screwed that up way too many times), and last but not least, flip flops. OK, those aren’t standard, but I’ve been working in flats all week and since flats hate my feet, I need backups at a moment’s notice (also what the band-aid’s for).

I wish I had more interesting things to describe, but it seems I’m too well put together to have unnecessary junk weighing me down every day. When it comes to my purse at least…


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