Zen Master

yoga ecard1

But seriously, yoga is my new favorite thing. I’ve been almost every day this week (except when I was subjecting myself to spin class, which for some reason I keep going back to despite hating it more than the idea of having to eat my own right arm to survive), and although I’ve done it before, I’ve never gone so consistently. I have to say, I’m actually sore.

However, as the only 22-year-old in a class of 65+, the instructors always like to use me to demonstrate – lezbihonest, I don’t mind the ego boost – and yesterday I ended up holding a forearm stand (think headstand on forearms only) for a lot longer than I’d like to repeat anytime soon. In any pose upside down I tend to rely on my shoulders and arms instead of engaging my core for support, which means today I am extra sore across my back and down my triceps. Maybe tonight I’ll pretend I’m going to incorporate 100 crunches before bed as punishment.

Going to the gym is the best way for me to fully get out of my head. Even when I rowed I had to get into a totally different part of my head and I couldn’t empty my mind completely, but something as mindless as the treadmill or as gritty as lifting – and now the yoga zen (too much?) – allows me to escape so much that at the end of my workout I feel like I’m actually reentering my body, like I’ve been somewhere off the planet for the past hour. That sounds sane, right?

I’m actually bringing my yoga mat and DVDs to southern VA with me since the hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have a gym. So, I’ll be the girl “finding her center” in her hotel room each morning before gorging on greasy lobby breakfast. Go ahead, laugh it up, I’ll be over here practicing my super-enviable contorted headstands, which I’m getting really good at by the way…

yoga ecard2


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