Only Fairly Pinteresting

Lately I’ve been more than a little lazy, sluggish, unmotivated – you get the idea – without a full-time job or a project to work on (although I am about to travel for two weeks to southern VA as a data collector for a kindergarten readiness project, more on that later), which is why my blog posts have been lacking – ain’t nothin’ exciting to write about! *insert pouty face here*

But maybe if I feign motivation (in the form of my blog for starters) then real motivation will follow. Like the motivation to get my butt to cycling class. Or find a job. Or just get out of bed? Anywho, in the spirit of trying, here’s a simple thought-free-but-still-enjoyable post: my 10 most recent pins, which are actually a pretty good sampling of my widely varied collection.

Really easy cheese sticks
If it makes me actually laugh out loud, I pin it.
Matte grey polish, perfect for fall
Such a unique and awesome branding scheme, no?
Glitter on glitter on Karlie Kloss, helllooooo impending holiday season!
Always with my love of photography
Makes sense that unemployed me would be trying to pick up hints anywhere she can
Best smile
Story. of. my. life.
I never go too long in between tee-cutting DIY pins.

Whatd'ya think?

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