Freshman Flashback

My brother moved in to school and started classes, all my senior friends have begun their last year at school, and even my high school biddies are beginning their first years as grad and law students. Facebook updated me on all the freshman happenings, among them Vegas Night, a U of R orientation tradition I got to partake in twice (once as a freshman, once as an advisor). And I’m still at home, finishing my last week of work, about to become an unemployed statistic.

This is my first fall not going back to school, and even though I’m glad not to be sharing a room, sleeping in a twin bed, or maneuvering around a too-tiny, no-space kitchen, I gotta say I’m still a little nostalgic for when I was a freshman and everything was shiny and new. I have always loved back-to-school supply shopping, picking out my first-day outfit, and then of course for four years, going back to Richmond meant going home to all my friends.

In light of all this, I’ve been looking back at my collection of photos and memories from freshman year, remembering all the drunk great times spent finding my U of R niche and establishing lasting friendships. I was not one of those people who met all her closest friends on her hall or during her first week or even month, but luckily my convoluted path led me to the losers I spent the remaining three and a half years loving. Seriously, though, I got the good ones.

There are a lot of things I would tell my freshman self, but the one that stands out the most (and how many times do we all hear this as a freshman of any new adventure?) is, It’ll be over before you know it. And it was.


Looking at this photo of my still empty freshman dorm room brings back so many memories.
Vegas Night!
Themed frat parties (“Tight ‘N Bright” pictured above) got old real fast. I lasted about a month then I was done. No regrets about that one.
I’m so glad I found my people.
Emma and I had a threesome with Bo Burnam.
And these were my other people. These gold medals were won on my 19th birthday when we beat William & Mary by .1 seconds. To this day it remains one of the top races I’ve ever rowed.






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