Awkward Throwback Thursday

Despite having a most unnecessarily long awkward stage, I also had a lot of great (though not-so-photogenic) times. I am very fortunate to call my family my family. And also fortunate that they have good hearts and didn’t shun me and my unibrow.

I was browsing through some old photos and came across a sizable set from back then. Deciding to share them might not be the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but it will be fun nonetheless.

In honor of #TBT, here are some of my favorite throwback photos from that ever-awkward stage. Feel free to laugh. I know I will…

first bike
The first time I rode my dad’s motorcycle and my family was clearly not worried about my face because they didn’t give me a helmet with a visor…
That time I wore this dress for Easter and decided my arm would look nice in this position while my brother made that face…
That afternoon I went crazy building Lego cities after writing on my arm with what I hope was not a silver Sharpie…
That family portrait at Christmastime where Dad yelled, “Do a funny one!” right before the timer went off…
france beach
That time we roadtripped around France and thought we were really funny at all the various tourist sites and monuments…
france museum
Including dignified art museums…
That one time I got cornrows in Mexico because it was the “in” thing to do even though I proceeded to get a scalp sunburn and a very serious ‘fro upon disassembly…
That (more than one) time I unabashedly took selfies like this and saved them on my family computer for all to see…
That time I had my 13th birthday party at the National Building Museum where all my friends and I built a house because hello, that’s still awesome…

Whatd'ya think?

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