10 Best Feelings in the World

I find myself constantly numbering (randomly and out of order) my favorite feelings. Some of these are pretty girl-specific, and except for about the top four I’m always changing them and adding new ones. But as of this moment, I present my list of my top 10 feelings:

10. Picking up your phone at the exact same time you receive a text message
It’s like you and your bestie have ESP or something. You don’t even need words, you already know when they’re going to contact you.

9. Strutting down the street in heels you can actually walk in
I imagine this is similar to the feeling men get when they put on a new suit. Heels make a woman feel powerful and sexy. It helps when the heels you’re stomping around in actually fit.

8. Falling asleep in the sun
Like a puppy. In a ball. On the floor.

7. The minute work ends on a Friday afternoon
Helloooooooo, weekend!

6. When your eyeliner goes on evenly and straight the first time
It’s hard enough not messing up one eye, but getting them both right? Nearly unheard of.

5. Taking off your pants after you come home
Debating bumping this to number one.

4. The moment the stage goes black right before the lights come on at your favorite band’s concert
Concerts are all about waiting. Waiting for tickets to go on sale. Waiting to receive the tickets in the mail (or for the right time to print them). Waiting in line at the gate. Waiting to find your seat. Waiting for the show to start. At the point when the anticipation is nearly unbearable, the lights finally go down and it’s the perfect reward for being the most patient person alive.

3. Putting deodorant on clean-shaven underarms
This is the ultimate clean feeling. Similar to putting lotion on clean-shaven legs, the deodorant is just a little dance-around-like-you’re-in-a-Dove-commercial better.

2. Pulling through the open parking space in front of you instead of backing up
Imagine walking back to your car, your arms full of groceries, and just after you’ve loaded the trunk and buckled your seatbelt, you look up and notice the car in the space ahead of you has already pulled out, leaving the spot open and ready for the taking. Slide on your Ray Bans and turn up the radio, it’s showtime.

1. Eating when you’re really, really hungry
People have challenged this with “Drinking when you’re really, really thirsty” or “Finally peeing when you really have to go to the bathroom,” but I’m a firm believer in the eating. Food and I are pretty good friends, and there’s nothing better than stuffing your face after a too-long hiatus from mealtime.


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