Party Flowers

Please forgive the belatedness of this post (and probably some others that follow), but I fell off the blogging wagon a while ago, and then a lot of should-be posts piled up and things like job hunting and naps just got in the way. But I’m catching up now.

I wanted to share a DIY project I completed for my grad party in early June. I got the idea from Pinterest, naturally, and since my party was going to be held at an outdoor pavilion, I wanted the decorating scheme to be simple and nature-inspired. I settled on fresh-cut flowers in a variety of glass bottles that I would display around the gazebo.

IMG_4942 IMG_4945

About a week before my party, the night before recycling pickup, my mom and I went bottle hunting just as it was beginning to get dark. It was just as sketchy as it sounds. We drove around a bunch of streets in my neighborhood scouring for as many different kinds/colors/shapes/sizes of glass bottles that we could find. Wine bottles, beer bottles, applesauce containers, mustard jars, even an old-fashioned milk jug. We collected around 60 in nearly two hours. It took us a little longer to a) get a wide selection and b) avoid passers-by who might have thought it weird that we were looking into people’s bins. I never actually dug around inside the containers, rather just looked on top, but it was sketchy nonetheless.

Finally I had my collection.


The second step was to remove all of the labels. And let me tell you this was not a fun step. I soaked the bottles for a few days and most of the labels I still had to scrape off using a razor blade and Goo Gone. If you ever attempt something like this in the future, stick to Pellegrino bottles. The labels on those suckers slide right off.

IMG_5479IMG_5474 IMG_5472IMG_5482

The hard part being over, all that was left was to buy the flowers and set up the display come party day.

photo 5

photo 4-1photo 1-1photo 2-2 photo 5-1 photo 3-1

I can be pretty crafty when I wanna be.


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