Knot Your Standard Crop Top

I was on a crafting roll earlier this summer before I started working, which meant I was hitting my Pinterest DIY board pretty hard. I try only to pin things that I actually have some chance of making, i.e. cheap/found objects with materials around my house, and since I am a frequenter of Goodwill, luckily some clothing DIYs actually fall under that category. Put that together with the current weather and my love of crop tops and shezam! Knotted crop top heaven.

This is how the tank looked before I started hacking it to bits.

photo 1 photo 2

The first step was to fray the ends all the way around. Always cut less than you think. I did not do this.

photo 3

From there, I knotted the strings in a lattice formation, being careful to follow the twist of each piece so it wouldn’t get mixed up in the succeeding levels.

photo 4 photo 1 copyphoto 5

Et, voila! My cropped tank was born.

photo 3 copy photo 4 copy

I won’t muddy the post by telling you that I accidentally cut one side much shorter than the other and it looks a bit lopsided from certain angles. Instead, I’ll say that paired with a bathing suit top and my high-wasited (also thrifted & DIY’d!) denim shorts, I am ready for my last summer music festival this weekend.


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