FailCook #1 – Sweet Potato Fry Melange

I recently began meeting with a nutritionist, working on developing better lifestyle habits, and my first was cutting out carbs/starchy foods after lunch. I was to consider even sweet potatoes a carb. (And let me tell you, Thanksgiving would be no better off.) However, after the latest meeting, where we added another habit, I was told I could occasionally reintroduce sweet potatoes into my diet. Hellooooooo crispy baked orange fries of goodness.

So tonight, knowing my mom was picking up a roasted chicken from Costco, I got home from work and immediately took out the largest sweet potato I could find, brandished my shiniest knife, and began chopping the big guy into thin, soon-to-be-savory slices.

And then I thought, Why don’t I add some onions? A little tangy to go with the sweet. I opened the fridge and noticed some squash and carrots alongside the onion. Onto the counter they also went, and next thing I know, my baking sheet is something of a smorgasbord of orange and yellow.

photo 1

Usually I coat the fries in olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on top (as per the instruction of my friend from whom I learned the recipe), but after pouring the oil, I instead reached for some garlic pepper seasoning.

I can’t pretend I am one of those people who can smell a spice and just know it will taste good in the dish I’m preparing (my brother can, and I will forever resent his natural cooking ability), so it doesn’t make sense that I began recklessly grinding the seasoning all over the pan. This is the part where my brother would say, Garlic goes with everything, but I’m looking at the carrots thinking, Hmmm, now I don’t knowwwww.

400° and 25 minutes later, this was the result:

photo 2

They didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. The veggies were both better and worse than I was expecting. Worse because they were a mite too thin, and therefore a bit overcooked, and better because, let’s face it, the flavor of sweet potatoes enhances any food it touches.

photo 4

With the chicken, however, and a fairly low bar for my own cooking endeavors, the dish wasn’t so bad after all. Although it’s no secret why this and future segments will be labeled “failcook.”


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