Aerial Silks

This evening, Lauren and I signed up to take an Intro to Silks class at DivaFit in Reston. (The pole dancing class was cancelled, so look out for a future post on that…) I knew next to nothing about the acrobatic performance except that you used your body and a suspended silk curtain to basically contort yourself into beautiful shapes.

photo 5

Now, when I say beautiful shapes, I fully apply that to Lauren, a trained gymnast, and not so much myself. I can’t transition nearly as gracefully, and basically throw myself into the pose of which I can hold for two seconds before toppling back onto the crash mats.

photo 4-1

I told you she was a natural.

photo 3-1

Me, I was just happy if I could make it into a standing position.

photo 1photo 1-1

After stretching, we began with two types of climbs, standard and Russian, the latter I found to be easier. Next we learned the single foot hold (which I am doing above) and an arm hold, which we transferred into poses. It was actually pretty easy to make simple things look impressive. We went upside down, which was the most fun even though I had no idea where my body parts were or what they were doing.

photo 2-1photo 4photo 3

All in all, it was a lot of fun and Lauren and I are planning on returning next week for another lesson. That is, if I regain the use of my arms by then. This shit is hard.


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