As part of the Rhetoric and Communication Studies major, all seniors are required to complete a semester-long Capstone research class. Each semester’s Capstone is assigned a different topic, and this year, ours was War Rhetoric. I know, heavy, right?

We studied post-9/11 war rhetoric concerning themes such as dissent from war, mourning, effects on action & fantasy genres, politics of resentment, paranoia, peaceful resolution, globalization, militarism, militainment, football & sports, war toys, veterans, soldiers as hunters, the creation of the “other” and the war/America through Arab-American eyes, and so much more. And that just came from a quick scan over the syllabus. I can’t begin to tell you the depth of our discussions.

For our final research project, instead of just writing a thesis paper, we were required to write, narrate, produce, compile, construct, yada, yada a digital story narrative thesis. This consists of a 3-5 minute video analyzing an interpretation or sect of “war rhetoric.” I chose to talk about the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda and their music as a public voicing of their struggles in violent Baghdad. Presentations were yesterday and today and each student played his/her video and answered a series of questions from the entire RHCS department.

Actually, my parents were able to make it down for the event yesterday, and I was so happy to give them a glimpse into my academic life here at Richmond, something they would never have otherwise had the chance to see. Presentations went really well, and I am proud of my digital story and all of my peers’. You would not believe the total number of hours that go into creating a 4-minute video.

I have included mine below for you all to gawk at in awe.


Whatd'ya think?

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